Monday, May 3, 2010

Waterworks isn't just a space on Monopoly...

I knew the moment would come. I just hoped and prayed that it wouldn't -- that I would be spared. But, it did. And I wasn't.

I cried. In a movie. And it wasn't even a sad one!

What in the world? I'm not a crier!  But I did, and I'm noticing that my eyes well up more often in the last couple of weeks than they have since I left all the pre-teen drama behind in intermediate school. I mean, one of my favorite movies is "Steel Magnolia's." I've seen it hundreds of times (I quote it frequently), but when Shelby dies and her mom freaks out in the cemetery, I don't cry. I didn't cry when Kyle and I saw "Marley and Me," "Taking Chance," or "The Secret Life of Bees, even though I looked over and the man I love was all teary eyed.  Hell, I didn't even cry when Kyle proposed.

But in is this romantic comedy at noon on a Saturday, I cry? What is happening to me? I'll tell's the damn hormones! I'm sick of the hormones! This baby better appreciate everything happening to his mother.

Everything I've read said that crying is the first trimester. If you've seen me lately, it's clear that I'm definitely no longer in the first trimester. The basketball hidden under my shirt is in no way deceiving.

Anyway, this is how it all went down.

I went to the movie, "The Backup Plan" with a good friend of mine. We're both 36, but she's not in a relationship, so obviously this movie -- about a woman who's not in a relationship, wants a baby, and decides to be artificially inseminated -- has special appeal. Towards the end of the movie, the main character freaks out thinking that her leading man isn't going to be there for her and her unborn "backup plan." Her friend intervenes and reminds her that she's got to take a chance on love. In a split second, I thought of the chance I took by giving my number to a complete stranger, especially on a day that started with me hating the entire male species.  It only took a few seconds and I was crying -- not the ugly face, can't breathe because of the boogers in your nose crying, but crying nonetheless. My girlfriend, who is quite emotional, chose that moment to look over at me.

"Are you crying?" she said.

"Shut up," I said.

Of course now she's all excited and wants to check out more sad movies so she's not the only blubbering idiot in our party. Whatever!

Hopefully this too shall pass...I got a rep to protect!